lunes, agosto 30, 2010

"G" is for Ghost +Nickelodeon Project+

++Tras una larga ausencia, he aquí una nueva entrada. Se trata de un projecto rechazado por Nickelodeon TV para una serie de animación flash que parece ser no se ajustaba al target que ellos suelen manejar. De todas formas, el trabajo está ahí, y yo os lo traigo para vuestro disfrute.++

++After a long absence, here's a new entry. This is a project rejected by Nickelodeon TV for a series of flash animation that seems to be not consistent with the target that they usually handle. However, the work is there, and I will bring it for your enjoyment.++

4 comentarios:

  1. hi david, that such? He worked great, she is very good.

  2. Very sweet, i really like the logo too, its exicuted nicely :)

  3. Anónimo9:35 p. m.

    Wow. Cool designs. They look like a lot of fun. Maybe another place will pick it up. Don't give up.